Welcome to the full-service Student Housing Company. Lord Housing works with international students and young professional with different walks and parts of the world. Our affordable furnished apartments located in Los Angeles. Also, Lord Housing offer variety of  furnished apartments options with short and long term lease. Lord Housing apartments are pricing flexible for students budget in mind, yet the utilities are included in the rent.  Our fully furnished student apartments serviced with High Speed Internet, TV and Netflix. If you want to work with the best Student Housing Company and find solutions for you, we will help you. Our employees are available 6 days per week. We are knowledgeable, connected and eager to help you find the furnished apartment in Los Angeles. We will help you calculate your rent, find roommates and get a parking space. For new people living on the Los Angeles for the first time, choosing housing can seem hard. If you are a student, you should select a room near your school. Students are spending most of their time on campus – teaching, taking classes and studying. To get a good idea of the facilities, check our website.

At Lord Housing, students will have the chance to meet and make new friends with other international learners from all over the globe. This will be a great occasion to explore and learn about new cultures while perking up their skills.